NCC Centre Sign

Since 1993

Nambour Community Centre (NCC) Inc provides a community of care and a range of opportunities for meaningful connections between members of our community. Since the centre was first established in 1980, there has been a sustained commitment to action, which has been woven like a ‘thread of care’ through all of the community and program work at NCC.

Our purposeful action is working to reduce the structural disadvantage that limits wellbeing, and to provide a way up and a way forward for the most socially, culturally and economically disadvantaged and discriminated groups in our community.

NCC is accessed by 40,000 + people every year and is positioned in the heart of Nambour. We welcome you to connect. If you have not visited our centre yet, come and explore the groups and services on offer, or just check out our open area and communal spaces which are available for public use.

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