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Nikita has a strong passion for the community.  Having grown up witnessing her parents volunteering countless hours for various causes and groups.  This has inspired Nikita to volunteer for and promote that which she feels strongly about.

Nikita is a proud Gunditjmara and Ngarigo woman with strong ties to her culture and country.   Who has lived in and around Nambour since 1994 and loves the spirit and warmth of the area. 

Nikita joined the committee in 2016, first as an ordinary member, then as secretary, followed by a brief stint as treasurer, in 2018 she was elected as President.  

Nikita has a strong passion for the community, having grown up witnessing her parents volunteering countless hours for various causes and groups.  This has inspired Nikita to volunteer for and promote that which she feels strongly about.  

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Sue Broughton

Committee Member

Sue has a strong entrepreneurial flair built on 30+ years’ experience and qualifications in the corporate arena in management & executive positions ranging from NFP enterprises, education, telecommunications, construction, health, small business and book publishing. 

Her experience in educating international youth and adults for the past decade, has given her an understanding of migrant issues whilst they integrate into their community.  Very much an advocate for those sectors where individuals feel marginalised, she has a long history of volunteer work and community involvement due to personal interests in domestic violence and social injustice. 

Sue is very interested in assisting the Nambour Community Centre in realising its goals and contributing to the wonderful work done by the centre.


Michelle Scott


Over my working career I have been blessed with countless opportunities, experiences and training that have given me a strong and diverse skill base. I am excited to share that experience and skill with others. Though I have worked in the public and corporate sectors, and NFP (not for profit) organisations, my passion has always been small business. My Business Hub Queensland is an idea that I nurtured for many years. With the opportunities provided by modern technology, cloud-based services, AI and social media there has never been a better time for small businesses to grow and succeed. My aim is to provide simple and practical solutions to empower business owners and assist them to leverage themselves into a balanced life/work situation. We offer services, support and training that give people the opportunity to focus their valuable time into areas that are of the most benefit in creating successful business.


Briar Willard

Committee Member

Briar is dedicated to bringing about unity and harmony among people of differing backgrounds.  Briar has lived in 5 different countries around the world and sees the beauty and richness that diversity brings to community.  She grew up in Geneva, Switzerland with French as her first language. 

Briar has been volunteering for over 40 years in a variety of roles and settings in the communities in which she lives with the emphasis on the oneness of humanity and collaboration across cultures and belief systems.  

Briar has a Bachelor of Economics from University of Colorado, USA and Master of Social Work from Flinders University.  She has qualifications and training in a number of different therapies.  She was a research assistant at the International Labour Office in Geneva Switzerland in her 20s and was a senior researcher at University of Queensland.  Briar worked for over 25 years in counselling, therapy and social work. 

Briar is currently an elected member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the Sunshine Coast, a worldwide faith whose primary purpose is to bring about unity through working together free of prejudice.  

She moved to Rosemount with her husband in 2019 to be closer to family. She loves the serenity, the open space and the gardens.

She joined the committee in order to be of service to her local community.