We chat about  growing up in Brooklyn, at the time the ‘melting pot of the world’,  in a Caribbean family - food (smells, markets, street food, flavours, colours, spices), music, high school and family.

‘We are not so different – maybe on the outside, not on the inside’ says Kat.

We talk about racism – where it starts, where it is rooted and ways to deal with it. We talk about white privilege, challenges of living on the Sunshine Coast, truth, freedom, hair and body image. Lots of things to listen to and think about in this little podcast. Enjoy. 

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Meet Kush Nyah Aje, a citizen of the world who has lived, worked and studied across four continents including India, Africa, Europe and Australia, is married to a local woman and is enjoying life as a father and businessman on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

Here we chat about growing up in Kerala, India in an extended family where Ayurvedic wisdom and understanding medicine from the land was a natural part of community life.

We talk about health and wellbeing; philosophy; nature as medicine; spiritual elevation; community and family; working in a white dominated culture as a part of an international film crew; prejudice and racism and strategies on how to deal with it.
Step into the Heartland on a journey with Aje.

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Saravuth (2)

Saravuth was born in 1975 on the side of the road in Cambodia when his family was travelling from the city to the country during the Khmer Rouge regime.

Saravuth shares stories of incredible loss, resilience and those of strength and triumph of the human spirit. His journey includes life in the camps during the Khmer Rouge regime, working as a social worker with the street kids of Phnom Penh, winning a National Award, mental health, domestic violence and life on the Sunshine Coast.

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Phuong_resized (2)

Meet Phuong Nguyen who was born in Hanoi, Vietnam and moved to the Sunshine Coast when she was in Year 10.

We discuss friendship, starting school in a new country, identity, internalised racism, mental health and being proud. Phuong has a youtube channel where she shares her Australian journey with friends in Vietnam and now studies Education and Science at the University of Qld.

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